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Monday, August 16, 2010

The why, what and how of concrete resurfacing?

Decorative and visual appealing
commercial floor
Homes and businesses have a variety of concrete surfaces inside and outside. Concrete is durable and functional. As such, concrete is often not considered an ornamental or decorative surface.

Why concrete resurfacing?

Concrete is an excellent and unlikely canvas to work with. It can be decoratively resurfaced and transformed into a variety of eye-catching patterns. In fact, NW Creative Resurfacing has an array of patterns and colors to choose from. Customize your concrete surfaces and make them more than merely functional.

What type of concrete surfaces can be enhanced?

Any of your home or business's concrete surfaces, inside or outside, can be decoratively resurfaced. NW Creative Resurfacing can install our easy-to-maintain, slip resistant  and extremely durable decorative concrete coatings to any:

Concrete driveway resurfacing
  • Concrete driveway
  • Garage floor
  • Interior concrete floor
  • Patio or walkway
  • Pool deck
  • Vertical surfaces
How does NW Creative Resurfacing do this?

First and foremost, we can resurface any concrete slab meeting any style and budget. Concrete resurfacing is more economical and less hassle than removing massive amounts of concrete and re-pouring the concrete. Our work is typically completed in one to three days. And we offer written warranties and cleaning and sealing options for all of our work.

Contact us today...

Concrete patio resurfacing
NW Creative Resurfacing can change your home or business's appearance today. We can professionally transform your naked concrete surfaces into dramatic, visually appealing and functional works of art.

Please visit our online photo gallery and review our work.

You can contact us online by clicking here, or call us right now at 1-503-750-4330.  

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