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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Picture Perfect Patio or Porch

No more drab slab!
Drab, cracked and stained concrete slabs are as dull and gray as their colors suggest. An eye-catching porch or patio can add beauty and curb appeal to your home.

Contact the professionals at Northwest Creative Resurfacing today and have them transform your dull gray slabs into eye-catching pizazz!

Northwest Creative Resurfacing has a plethora of patio and porch design choices to choose from. This allows you to customize the perfect porch or patio complementing your home and personal style.

Most patio or porch decorative resurfacing projects last as little as one to three days. Additionally, Northwest Creative Resurfacing's full-service specialists offer written warranties as well as cleaning and sealing options. Your newly resurfaced porch or patio will be easy to take care of and the talk of your block.

Rain resistant surfaces
Will the heavy Northwest rains damage my new decorative concrete surface?

Our non-porous easy-to-maintain coating systems are resistant to oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant. Our work will stand up to the pounding rains, resist stains and are safe to walk on when combined with a slip resistant finish. And you only need to reseal your new decorative surfaces every 5 years.

Not Convinced?

Schedule an appointment today with Northwest Creative Resurfacing and we can:

  • Answer all your questions
  • Assess your deteriorating concrete surfaces
  • Present samples and color options

A vast array of pattern choices
Customized decorative surfaces
Dull and gray concrete slabs offer no curb appeal, they can be unsafe to walk on, harbor unsightly stains and turn green from the rain. 

Contact Northwest Creative Resurfacing now at 503.750.4330 or visit our website at http://www.nwcreativeresurfacing.com.

"Give your existing concrete the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more..."

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