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NW Creative Resurfacing

Monday, August 30, 2010

Exceptional Service and Professionalism

Now, more-than-ever, local contractors are competing for work in Clark County. Careful consideration about who you choose to work on your home projects is paramount.  Your contractor should be able to provide several references, including feedback from other contractors and most importantly–other customers.

When is comes to service and professionalism, NW Creative Resurfacing walks the talk. Our customer feed back and reputation among our contractor colleagues is impeccable.

Local and dependable contractors
Our colleagues

NW Creative Resurfacing is a proud member of the Home Services Network of SW Washington (HSN). The HSN is a newwork of local and dependable contractors you can count on. The members of HSN are service-minded companies who put the customer first.

Support your local economy and contact a licensed, local and dependable contractor for your home repair or decorating needs. Click here to visit the Home Services Network of SW Washington's list of local and talented contractors.

Customer feedback counts!
NW Creative Resurfacing customer feedback

Our customer feedback counts. Without a doubt, word-of-mouth helps spread the word about our work. Customer feedback is genuine, sincere and helps build business on a grass roots level.

The following testimonial was submitted by one of our Camas, WA customers.  

"Our driveway was only 3 years old and they had poured it with too much water. The result was that it was chipping away at an alarming rate. 

We called NW Creative Resurfacing and had Adam and crew come out and resurface it. In one word, AMAZING!

We had a tile look laid down and boy does it compliment the beautiful stone work on our home. The driveway makes our home look much more custom from the outside. 

I want to compliment Adam for his incredible professionalism. Courteous, helpful and very informed concerning his product. He went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with the job. On a 1 to 10 scale, his company is an 11!

If you are interested in resurfacing your driveway, patio or whatever, you will not go wrong with this company."

Gerald, Camas, WA

Contact us today, and let us enhance your home's curb appeal. We can give your existing concrete the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more.

Click here for our list of services we provide.

Or simply call now and have the crew at NW Creative Resurfacing fix your damaged concrete driveway, porch, patio or floors.  Call now 1.503.750.4330


Friday, August 27, 2010

Driveway Resurfacing: A job site video

If you or someone you know is considering replacing a damaged concrete driveway, check out our driveway resurfacing video first. Resurfacing your existing concrete driveway can be at least half the cost of tearing it out!

We completed this driveway resurfacing project in 2 days.

Remember, your driveway is an important functional component of your home. It should shine and be an integral part of your home design.

Contact NW Creative Resurfacing today and let us enhance your home's curb appeal.

Call now 1.503.750.4330

Monday, August 23, 2010

Trying to Sell Your House? Curb Appeal Counts...

Selling a home in SW Washington right now is challenging. In order for a property to compete and outshine the competition it has to look good. Some home buyers live for finding "fixer-uppers". But many other home buyers love the convenience and comfort of a "turn-key" home with copious amounts of curb appeal.  

Reasons for selling homes in SW Washington can vary:

  • Economy
  • Down-sizing: the kids are gone
  • Up-sizing: more kids on the way 
  • Leaving the area
  • Flipping a house
Consider adding curb appeal
to your home-for-sale
For whatever reason you find yourself selling your home, enhancing the property's curb appeal will give your home the competitive edge it needs in SW Washington's high-volume-of-homes-for-sale market. 

Consider this, according to The Columbian Newspaper's business section, Clark County home sales spiked in the month of July. And federal home-buyer tax credits ran out in June. Our region has a surplus of homes that will take 12 months to sell off even if NO additional homes went up for sale. 

Give your home-for-sale a competitive edge

In order to compete in this local and flooded home sales market, your home-for-sale needs to outshine the rest. If your home sits next to or near other homes-for-sale, and it's competitively priced, consider adding some unique curb appeal to capture potential home buyers' attention.

Home-for-sale with concrete decorative
resurfacing outshines the
An eye-catching driveway and front porch will easily capture home buyers' attention. NW Creative Resurfacing can provide the "WOW" factor your home needs so it sells faster. 

Resurfacing your existing concrete surfaces can be at least half the cost of tearing it out. And our work can be done in one to three days, depending on the design.

Your home-for-sale will easily outshine the competition with our durable, easy-to-maintain, decorative concrete coatings. NW Creative Resurfacing can transform the drab gray slabs and give them the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more. 

It's perhaps the most competitive home selling market ever right now. Your home-for-sale has got to compete. And it starts when the buyers' attention is caught from the street. 

NW Creative Resurfacing's attention getting decorative concrete surfaces can help you enhance your home-for-sale's curb appeal and be the "one thing" that closes the deal.

Contact us today and let us enhance your home. Call now at 503.750.4330   

Visit our website and preview our photo gallery of work.



Friday, August 20, 2010

Cracks in Concrete aren't Cool

Is your concrete driveway cracked and deteriorated? Is your patio becoming pulverized and unsightly? Is your back deck concrete slab look boring and drab?

Let's face it, home builders have the best of intentions when they pour those dull-gray-slabs around our homes. But in due time our concrete driveways, patios and decks lose the freshly poured flare and begin to look like their in need of care.

weeds and walking hazards
NW Creative Resurfacing can help enhance your home and those damaged concrete slabs surrounding it. Cracks in concrete aren't cool and they:

  • Fill with weeds
  • Cause walking hazards
  • Harbor stains and mold
What are the options?

You can patch your damaged concrete surfaces, but they'll never look the same.

You can pay a contractor to remove the hundreds or thousands of square-feet of concrete and then have them re-poured. The process, however, is costly, noisy and dirty.

You can paint over your damaged concrete surfaces, but paint is very temporary and wears away rapidly.

patching is temporary
and never looks the same
The best choice

Don't try to repair or replace it, reface it! The professionals at NW Creative Resurfacing can give your existing concrete surfaces the look of marble, tile, stone, brick and more...
Resurfacing your existing concrete surfaces can be at least half the cost of tearing it out. And our tough acrylic surfaces are oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant.

Don't replace it..Reface it!
Without a doubt we can smooth things out...

Consider your damaged concrete options:  
  • Settle on a short term fix
  • Pay for a costly concrete removal and re-pour
oil, grease, rust, mildew
and acid resistant
Or you can contact NW Creative Resurfacing today, and let us show you how we can smooth your damaged concrete surfaces out.

Visit our website and review our work, or give us a call now at 503.750.4330.  

Monday, August 16, 2010

The why, what and how of concrete resurfacing?

Decorative and visual appealing
commercial floor
Homes and businesses have a variety of concrete surfaces inside and outside. Concrete is durable and functional. As such, concrete is often not considered an ornamental or decorative surface.

Why concrete resurfacing?

Concrete is an excellent and unlikely canvas to work with. It can be decoratively resurfaced and transformed into a variety of eye-catching patterns. In fact, NW Creative Resurfacing has an array of patterns and colors to choose from. Customize your concrete surfaces and make them more than merely functional.

What type of concrete surfaces can be enhanced?

Any of your home or business's concrete surfaces, inside or outside, can be decoratively resurfaced. NW Creative Resurfacing can install our easy-to-maintain, slip resistant  and extremely durable decorative concrete coatings to any:

Concrete driveway resurfacing
  • Concrete driveway
  • Garage floor
  • Interior concrete floor
  • Patio or walkway
  • Pool deck
  • Vertical surfaces
How does NW Creative Resurfacing do this?

First and foremost, we can resurface any concrete slab meeting any style and budget. Concrete resurfacing is more economical and less hassle than removing massive amounts of concrete and re-pouring the concrete. Our work is typically completed in one to three days. And we offer written warranties and cleaning and sealing options for all of our work.

Contact us today...

Concrete patio resurfacing
NW Creative Resurfacing can change your home or business's appearance today. We can professionally transform your naked concrete surfaces into dramatic, visually appealing and functional works of art.

Please visit our online photo gallery and review our work.

You can contact us online by clicking here, or call us right now at 1-503-750-4330.  

Friday, August 13, 2010

NW Creative Resurfacing: Featured in Portland Home Magazine

A premier publication for
the affluent home owner
Portland Home Magazine

NW Creative Resurfacing is featured in the recent issue of Portland Home Magazine!

Portland Home Magazine is a print and online publication showcasing local, talented and well respected contractors in the Portland Metro area. We're proud to be part of this publication and we encourage you to visit the Portland Home Magazine online.

Click here to view NW Creative Resurfacing's full page article on page 26 in Portland Home Magazine.

Home Services Network

NW Creative Resurfacing would also like to remind you about the Home Services Network. The Home Services Network of SW Washington is a network of local and dependable contractors you can count on. The members of Home Services Network of SW Washington are service-minded companies who put the customer first.

Local, licensed and dependable
contractors in SW Washington
SW Washington is home to many respected, reliable and highly-skilled contractors. We're honored to be a member of an organization of professionals you can trust. Now more than ever, in the current economic climate, is the time to support local businesses. If you or your business is considering interior or exterior remodeling, renovation or a new project altogether support a local and licensed contractor that belongs to the the Home Services Network.

Decorative Concrete Solutions

Just say no...
To drab and gray concrete slabs
If you or somebody you know is tired of their drab concrete slabs, contact NW Creative Resurfacing today and let us enhance your home or business. We can give your existing concrete the look of tile, brick, marble, stone and more...

"Don't replace it, Reface it!"

Call us today at 1.503.750.4330

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gray Garage Floor...No more!

An often neglected, but valuable, home space
Garage floors are often left neglected. However, your garage floor and garage space represents a significant amount of square footage. Every square foot of your house adds value to your home.

So why neglect your garage space? Your garage floor can add a WOW factor to your home. Northwest Creative Resurfacing can turn your cold-slate-gray garage floor into a spectacular showroom-like floor.

Household handymen and home organizers alike will be dazzled by the myriad of non-skid color choices available for their frequently worked on garage room floors.

Many non-skid color choices and styles
Resurfacing your garage room floor with Northwest Creative Resurfacing's non-skid state-of-the-art garage floor coatings adds safety and security to your garage space. Our garage floor coatings consist of a recycled material and are environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly coating is extremely durable with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance rendering them non-slip. And our garage floor coatings are flexible making them chip and impact resistant.

Chip and impact resistant garage floor

The most neglected floor in our homes is the garage floor. But our garage spaces represent valuable real estate, and it should be considered as equally important as any other floor in the house.

Contact Northwest Creative Resurfacing today or call us now at 360.750.4330 and have our garage floor coating specialist assess and analyze your home's most neglected space. When we finish and refurbish your garage floor you'll discover you've added value to your home. You'll be proud to stand on your new garage floor and shout "Gray Garage Floor...No More!"

What are clients have said

"We are so pleased to have a newly re-surfaced floor in our 50+ year old garage.  The old one was cracked and stained seemingly beyond repair, but now it looks brand new.  The new floor has made the whole garage much more attractive and user friendly.  The service from NW Creative Resurfacing was excellent.  Very conscientious and reliable.  We're looking forward to having them re-surface our cracked & aging patio this summer." 

Carl & Robin, Vancouver, WA

"Gray Garage Floor...No More!"
Click here to view more client testimonials. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Picture Perfect Patio or Porch

No more drab slab!
Drab, cracked and stained concrete slabs are as dull and gray as their colors suggest. An eye-catching porch or patio can add beauty and curb appeal to your home.

Contact the professionals at Northwest Creative Resurfacing today and have them transform your dull gray slabs into eye-catching pizazz!

Northwest Creative Resurfacing has a plethora of patio and porch design choices to choose from. This allows you to customize the perfect porch or patio complementing your home and personal style.

Most patio or porch decorative resurfacing projects last as little as one to three days. Additionally, Northwest Creative Resurfacing's full-service specialists offer written warranties as well as cleaning and sealing options. Your newly resurfaced porch or patio will be easy to take care of and the talk of your block.

Rain resistant surfaces
Will the heavy Northwest rains damage my new decorative concrete surface?

Our non-porous easy-to-maintain coating systems are resistant to oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant. Our work will stand up to the pounding rains, resist stains and are safe to walk on when combined with a slip resistant finish. And you only need to reseal your new decorative surfaces every 5 years.

Not Convinced?

Schedule an appointment today with Northwest Creative Resurfacing and we can:

  • Answer all your questions
  • Assess your deteriorating concrete surfaces
  • Present samples and color options

A vast array of pattern choices
Customized decorative surfaces
Dull and gray concrete slabs offer no curb appeal, they can be unsafe to walk on, harbor unsightly stains and turn green from the rain. 

Contact Northwest Creative Resurfacing now at 503.750.4330 or visit our website at http://www.nwcreativeresurfacing.com.

"Give your existing concrete the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more..."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Facts About Basement Waterproofing

Prevent mold: Have your basement professionally sealed  

The summers days are long and dry, but they won't last forever. The Northwest rains will return. It's our rain that keeps our beloved Northwest landscape green and lush.

But with all the beauty our rains bring forth, there is a hidden beast that can sneak into your home--mold!

According to the Washington State Department of Health, "Mold enters your home as tiny spores. The spores need moisture to begin growing, digesting and destroying."

A professionally sealed basement: safe and dry! 
To prevent mold from entering your living space have your basement professionally sealed by NW Creative Resurfacing. We can assess and analyze your basement living space. Cracks and leaks allow moisture to infiltrate your living space. And moisture will infiltrate everything in due time. 

Contact Northwest Creative Resurfacing today and have your basement living space waterproofed and sealed before the rains return.