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Monday, August 9, 2010

Gray Garage Floor...No more!

An often neglected, but valuable, home space
Garage floors are often left neglected. However, your garage floor and garage space represents a significant amount of square footage. Every square foot of your house adds value to your home.

So why neglect your garage space? Your garage floor can add a WOW factor to your home. Northwest Creative Resurfacing can turn your cold-slate-gray garage floor into a spectacular showroom-like floor.

Household handymen and home organizers alike will be dazzled by the myriad of non-skid color choices available for their frequently worked on garage room floors.

Many non-skid color choices and styles
Resurfacing your garage room floor with Northwest Creative Resurfacing's non-skid state-of-the-art garage floor coatings adds safety and security to your garage space. Our garage floor coatings consist of a recycled material and are environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly coating is extremely durable with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance rendering them non-slip. And our garage floor coatings are flexible making them chip and impact resistant.

Chip and impact resistant garage floor

The most neglected floor in our homes is the garage floor. But our garage spaces represent valuable real estate, and it should be considered as equally important as any other floor in the house.

Contact Northwest Creative Resurfacing today or call us now at 360.750.4330 and have our garage floor coating specialist assess and analyze your home's most neglected space. When we finish and refurbish your garage floor you'll discover you've added value to your home. You'll be proud to stand on your new garage floor and shout "Gray Garage Floor...No More!"

What are clients have said

"We are so pleased to have a newly re-surfaced floor in our 50+ year old garage.  The old one was cracked and stained seemingly beyond repair, but now it looks brand new.  The new floor has made the whole garage much more attractive and user friendly.  The service from NW Creative Resurfacing was excellent.  Very conscientious and reliable.  We're looking forward to having them re-surface our cracked & aging patio this summer." 

Carl & Robin, Vancouver, WA

"Gray Garage Floor...No More!"
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