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NW Creative Resurfacing

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NW Creative Resurfacing: Fall resurfacing projects and reviews

The NW Creative Resurfacing crew has been resurfacing drab concrete slabs all over SW Washington State and the Portland, Oregon Metro area. We're proud of our work and we would like to share this video with you showcasing our recent fall projects including:

  • Back Patio
  • Commercial 
  • Front Entry
  • Garage Floor
  • Steps
  • Upper Deck

Thank you to our clients and our outstanding crew of professionals.

One client in particular shared the following accolades with the owner of NW Creative Resurfacing, Adam Garfield.

"Hi Adam,

Just wanted to say thank you. The patio and front porch look GREAT! You did a fantastic job, and what a transformation. Please give out my name and phone number for any referrals. We couldn't be more pleased with the job."

Janet McKinnon

Thanks for the feedback Janet! 

Our customer feedback counts. Without a doubt, word-of-mouth helps spread the word about our concrete resurfacing work. Customer feedback is genuine, sincere and helps build business on a grass roots level.

Contact us today, and let us enhance your home's curb appeal. We can give your existing concrete the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more.

Click here for our list of services we provide.

Or simply call now and have the crew at NW Creative Resurfacing fix your damaged concrete driveway, porch, patio, floors and more...  Call now 1.503.750.4330

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garage or Basement Floor Resurfacing

Escape to the Great Indoors!

The leaves are falling and the days are cooling off. Are you finding yourself retreating to that favorite place in your home more often? If that place is your basement or garage then take a look at the floors. Both basement and garage floors can sustain wear and tear beyond repair.

Basement Floors

Basements are cozy retreats

Basements are cozy shelters for family gatherings, a retreat from the rain or a perfect place to gather with friends and watch your favorite game. But in order to contain your basement's coziness, basement floors should be checked regularly for leaks and cracks. Leaks or cracks in your basement floor can lead to mold!

According to the Washington State Department of Health, "Mold enters your home as tiny spores. The spores need moisture to begin growing, digesting and destroying."

To prevent mold from entering your living space have your basement professionally sealed by NW Creative Resurfacing. We can assess and analyze your basement living space. Cracks and leaks allow moisture to infiltrate your living space. And moisture will infiltrate everything in due time. 

Garage Floors

If your perfect day is a getaway to the garage to work on a project or fix your favorite hot rod, have you considered resurfacing your garage floor? Dull gray slab garage floors are a thing of the past. Your garage floor is begging for something more!

Garage Floor Resurfacing
Turn your garage floor into a showroom floor. So when you're ready to show off that project you're proud of, or perhaps that new luxury car, hot rod or Harley, your friends will be blown away by your newly resurfaced garage floor. And you can tell them it's:
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Slip resistant
  • Oil, mildew and rust resistant
NW Creative Resurfacing garage floor coatings consist of a recycled material and are environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly coating is extremely durable with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance rendering them non-slip. And our garage floor coatings are flexible making them chip and impact resistant.

Fall Special 

NW Creative Resurfacing is offering our greatest fall savings ever! Log onto to Coupon Clipper Magazine.com and print and clip our current coupon.

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This coupon will save you 15% OFF your garage or basement floor resurfacing project.

Contact NW Creative Resurfacing today and have us estimate your garage or basement floor resurfacing project for free.

You can call NW Creative Resurfacing at 1.503.750.4330

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NW Creative Resurfacing: Portland Home Magazine

NW Creative Resurfacing is featured in the October/November issue of Portland Home Magazine. Portland Home Magazine is an informational and educational, print and online publication for homeowners in the Portland, OR Metro area and SW Washington.

The article titled, "Artistic, Functional Flooring for Your Living Spaces" has been published right in time for the upcoming Fall season. Just around the corner are holiday parties and guest gatherings that will most-likely take place in your home.

Showcase your floors by resurfacing them with decorative concrete coatings. NW Creative Resurfacing has hundreds of flooring patterns including:
The perfect patterns and colors
for your home's style

  • Basket-weave
  • Brick 
  • Cobblestone
  • Flagstone
  • Diamond Tile
  • Herringbone 
Combine these styles, or any other styles from the NW Creative Resurfacing catalogue of designs, with the myriad of color choices available, and your floors will become works of art to walk on. Artistic floor resurfacing not only adds beauty to your living space, but it incorporates functionality as well.

NW Creative Resurfacing
featured in Portland Home Magazine

NW Creative Resurfacing uses high-end quality coating systems providing a resilient and flexible surface that resists chipping and scuffs. Your guests will quickly notice your transformed living space.

Contact NW Creative Resurfacing now and have our team of professionals transform your living space with decorative concrete coatings. We have the right combination of attractive patterns and colors to fit your style and budget.

Preview our recent article in Portland Home Magazine and find out what home interior professionals are saying about our services.    

Readers choosing to view this premier periodical online can also utilize Portland Home Magazine's additional dynamic online features such as: