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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cracks in Concrete aren't Cool

Is your concrete driveway cracked and deteriorated? Is your patio becoming pulverized and unsightly? Is your back deck concrete slab look boring and drab?

Let's face it, home builders have the best of intentions when they pour those dull-gray-slabs around our homes. But in due time our concrete driveways, patios and decks lose the freshly poured flare and begin to look like their in need of care.

weeds and walking hazards
NW Creative Resurfacing can help enhance your home and those damaged concrete slabs surrounding it. Cracks in concrete aren't cool and they:

  • Fill with weeds
  • Cause walking hazards
  • Harbor stains and mold
What are the options?

You can patch your damaged concrete surfaces, but they'll never look the same.

You can pay a contractor to remove the hundreds or thousands of square-feet of concrete and then have them re-poured. The process, however, is costly, noisy and dirty.

You can paint over your damaged concrete surfaces, but paint is very temporary and wears away rapidly.

patching is temporary
and never looks the same
The best choice

Don't try to repair or replace it, reface it! The professionals at NW Creative Resurfacing can give your existing concrete surfaces the look of marble, tile, stone, brick and more...
Resurfacing your existing concrete surfaces can be at least half the cost of tearing it out. And our tough acrylic surfaces are oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant.

Don't replace it..Reface it!
Without a doubt we can smooth things out...

Consider your damaged concrete options:  
  • Settle on a short term fix
  • Pay for a costly concrete removal and re-pour
oil, grease, rust, mildew
and acid resistant
Or you can contact NW Creative Resurfacing today, and let us show you how we can smooth your damaged concrete surfaces out.

Visit our website and review our work, or give us a call now at 503.750.4330.  

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