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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interior Floor Resurfacing Ideas

Ever dreamed of a rustic Italian themed kitchen? Are you longing to add the look of a smooth-as-glass natural tile to your living room floor? 

Garage Floor that glows in the dark!
What about your basement living space? Are your drab concrete floors ready for something more?

Or, how about this? A glow-in-the-dark garage floor!

NW Creative Resurfacing can produce all of this and more…

Interior Floor Resurfacing
The weather outside has been frightening, but we’ve spent the winter months inside our client’s homes delighting. We’ve delighted our client’s by enhancing their existing concrete floors.

How do we do this? We use STARDEK coating systems. These high quality materials made of Acrylics, Binder Resins, Cements and Epoxies produce slip resistant finishes. And, the surfaces we enhance our client’s home or businesses with are oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant.

Current Interior Concrete Floor Projects

Kitchen Floor

Resurfacing with a tile-like look

A recent client wanted to add an “Italian Wine Feel” to her kitchen. She repainted her kitchen walls red and black producing a unique contrast to her clean white, modern kitchen cabinets.

We complimented this kitchen remodel by adding a hazelnut brown rustic-tile-look to the existing concrete floor. We used a finish of black grout lines and just a touch of red highlights.

Bellissimo! A kitchen that takes you to Tuscany.

Basement Living Space

Basements are cozy shelters in the winter months or cooling and cave-like during the summer months. Either way, your basement floors should be waterproofed and sealed to prevent leeks and mold development.

NW Creative Resurfacing specializes in basement waterproofing. But, our work doesn’t have stop there. We can also turn your basement floor into something more… 

Protect your basement: seal and waterproof
A recent basement concrete resurfacing project produced a polished concrete look for our client. How did we do that?

We diamond grind the existing paint off the concrete floor. Our grinders are hooked up to Hepa filtered vacuums for a dustless application.

Then, we epoxy off what paint is left and use a high solid, polyurethane sealer over that. The process eliminates VOC’s and toxic smells.

The results produced a perfectly polished concrete looking basement floor that is sealed and waterproofed.

Another satisfied customer!
Let us help transform your home

Contact NW Creative Resurfacing today for your next concrete resurfacing project, interior or exterior. 

View our gallery of photos and take a look how we can help transform your home


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