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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interior Concrete Resurfacing: quality and communication counts

Are you a homeowner or rental property owner in need of concrete interior floor repair?

Don't replace it, reface it!
Wear and tear on your concrete interior floors due to high traffic areas, pets, renters or even after a remodel is unsightly and difficult to fix.

You could just throw another rug over those damaged or worn areas. Or you can consider the alternative to replacing the entire concrete floor, consider concrete resurfacing. Why concrete resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is an efficient and effective alternative to a complete concrete floor cut our and removal. Just think of the mess involved with concrete removal, not to mention the time it takes. And, if you're turning around the home to rent or sell, time is money $$$.

Concrete resurfacing will save you time and money. Resurfacing a concrete interior floor is typically cheaper than tearing out the old concrete and hauling it away.

Quality and Communication

NW Creative Resurfacing is a locally owned business and a proud member of the Home Services Network of SW Washington (HSNSW).

Concrete Interior Floor Resurfacing 

We know, as a local business, we must produce the highest quality work we can while communicating effectively with our customers. Why is quality and communication so important to us? Because our customers are our local community. And within this local community good words travel fast.

In fact, NW Creative resurfacing just finished an interior concrete resurfacing project in Portland, OR for our valued customer Robert Eaton. Robert had a concrete interior floor that was in desperate need of:
  • Diamond grinding
  • Staining
  • Sealing
And according to Robert, "Adam was willing to do [the work] at a very reasonable cost. He worked well with us and kept us informed the entire time of any problems he encountered and cost effective solutions.

He even went back to do some touch up work afterwords due to some scratches caused by our renter. He is honest, trustworthy and wants the client to be happy even if it means he spends more time on a job than he anticipates."

Thanks Robert!

And we want you to be our next satisfied customer. NW Creative Resurfacing is a local business producing quality results and we understand how important effective communication is to our success.

Like you, we live in the Northwest because we love it here. And, we love the work we produce for our Northwest clients.

Please contact NW Creative Resurfacing today for your next concrete resurfacing project, interior or exterior. View our extensive gallery of photos and you will see the work can produce for you.


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