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Friday, February 3, 2012

Waterproofing: Peace of Mind

Water that enters your home through cracks in the concrete can turn to mold.

What's the solution? Concrete waterproofing and sealing. 

Concrete Waterproofing matching drywall on the right
Waterproofing isn't just for basements. Take a look at our recent concrete waterproofing project.

One side of this residential home's hallway is concrete. The other side is drywall. In order for the existing drywall to remain, well...dry, we waterproofed the existing concrete walls that lay opposite.

The concrete walls had moisture that was penetrating through. Water and drywall are a damaging mixture. So, we sealed and waterproofed the concrete wall and hallway.

Now, the concrete floor looks shiny and new. And, the leaky concrete wall matches the existing drywall.

To prevent mold and moisture from entering any living space in your home, have it professionally sealed by NW Creative Resurfacing. We can asses and analyze your living space.

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