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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NW Creative Resurfacing: Portland Home Magazine

NW Creative Resurfacing is featured in the October/November issue of Portland Home Magazine. Portland Home Magazine is an informational and educational, print and online publication for homeowners in the Portland, OR Metro area and SW Washington.

The article titled, "Artistic, Functional Flooring for Your Living Spaces" has been published right in time for the upcoming Fall season. Just around the corner are holiday parties and guest gatherings that will most-likely take place in your home.

Showcase your floors by resurfacing them with decorative concrete coatings. NW Creative Resurfacing has hundreds of flooring patterns including:
The perfect patterns and colors
for your home's style

  • Basket-weave
  • Brick 
  • Cobblestone
  • Flagstone
  • Diamond Tile
  • Herringbone 
Combine these styles, or any other styles from the NW Creative Resurfacing catalogue of designs, with the myriad of color choices available, and your floors will become works of art to walk on. Artistic floor resurfacing not only adds beauty to your living space, but it incorporates functionality as well.

NW Creative Resurfacing
featured in Portland Home Magazine

NW Creative Resurfacing uses high-end quality coating systems providing a resilient and flexible surface that resists chipping and scuffs. Your guests will quickly notice your transformed living space.

Contact NW Creative Resurfacing now and have our team of professionals transform your living space with decorative concrete coatings. We have the right combination of attractive patterns and colors to fit your style and budget.

Preview our recent article in Portland Home Magazine and find out what home interior professionals are saying about our services.    

Readers choosing to view this premier periodical online can also utilize Portland Home Magazine's additional dynamic online features such as:

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