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NW Creative Resurfacing

NW Creative Resurfacing

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Resurfacing Worn and Cracked Concrete

How NW Creative Resurfacing can transform your home's concrete surfaces

View our recent video showcasing and demonstrating how NW Creative Resurfacing can enhance and transform your home's concrete surfaces.

Dull, gray and cracked concrete doesn't have to hinder your home's curb appeal. NW Creative Resurfacing can give your existing concrete the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more, to any concrete surface in and around your home.

We have hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from that can reflect your individual style and taste.

Concrete resurfacing can be half the cost of tearing out your existing concrete slabs. And our work is performed without the demolition and mess! Most projects are completed in one to three days.

If your tired of your drab concrete slabs contact NW Creative Resurfacing today and let us enhance your home or business.

"Don't replace it, Reface it!"

Call us today at 1.503.4330

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