NW Creative Resurfacing

NW Creative Resurfacing

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back Patio Resurfacing Project: Brings in extra light to their living space

Our concrete resurfacing projects can turn dull gray slabs into works of art. But not all of our exterior concrete resurfacing projects end up lighting up our client's homes.

Back Patio Resurfacing Project
But, a recent back patio resurfacing project is now lighting up our client's living room. We added a clear coat that makes the back patio surface shine. The reflection of the patio, especially during these dark winter months, brings in additional light to what's typically a darker side of the house.

Here's what our client had to say,

"Adam - the patio looks GREAT!  It really "pops" now and I am quite happy with it. As an aside, as you probably know, given my patio cover and the very tall cedars behind the house, the patio does not get much sun, for the most part.  

Now, in the winter, as the sun moves further south, I do get a lot more sun than in other months.  With the addition of the clear coat, the patio now shines, almost mirror like.  This REALLY reflects into the living room and REALLY lights up!  Cool!  Very cool!  

Thanks for everything"