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NW Creative Resurfacing

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cracks in Concrete: Appearance is everything

Your customers or professional tenants will notice

Cracks in concrete are a safety hazard
Do you own a business or commercial building? Appearance and first impressions are everything. If your front-walkway, steps and entrance are a little "worse-for-ware" your customers or professional tenants will notice. Cracked concrete walkways and steps can pose a safety hazard.

The solution is to get those concrete cracks sealed and resurfaced. You don't have to hire a crew with jackhammers to remove and haul away your existing concrete. The noise and mess can take several hours or even days to finish! Concrete removal and replacement is time consuming and expensive. Both of which take money away from your businesses' bottom-line.

First impressions last!
Concrete resurfacing leaves a lasting
impression with customers and clients
Your efficient and economical choice is to resurface your businesses' front walkway, steps and entryway, not replace it. NW Creative Resurfacing offers a variety of decorative concrete coatings that will enhance your business or business property's front entrance.

Our eye-catching concrete resurfacing options will leave a lasting impression in your customers or clients' minds before they ever enter the front door! And, decorative concrete resurfacing coatings are the perfect solution for high traffic areas. They're easy-to-maintain, slip resistant and durable.

Fantastic front entry resurfacing options,
slip resistant and durable

So don't leave your concrete front walkway, steps and front entrance looking unappealing and unattractive. Your customers or professional tenants will notice. First impressions last, so why not leave a lasting impression before visitors enter your place of business or commercial property.

Have NW Creative Resurfacing resurface that cracked and unappealing commercial front entrance. Leave a lasting impression before visitors enter the front door!

Commercial property
concrete resurfacing 
Contact the professional concrete resurfacers at NW Creative Resurfacing now and add WOW to your business's store front or commercial property NOW.

You can call us now at 1.503.750.4330.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Concrete Resurfacing Patterns and Colors

Did you know that there are alternatives to gray concrete slab driveways, gray front and back porches, and gray garage floors? Did you know that these dull and boring surfaces can take on the appearance of tile, marble, stone, brick and more?

A few of our design choices
Well yes they can, and NW Creative Resurfacing is your concrete resurfacing specialist. We have hundreds of concrete resurfacing patterns and colors to choose from. From elegant to exotic or decorative to distinguished, we have the concrete resurfacing patterns and colors that will suit your 'keeping it simple' to 'highly sophisticated' taste in style.

We have an array of design choices to suit any taste such as, but not limited to:

  • Basket-weave
  • Brick 
  • Cobblestone
  • Flagstone
  • Diamond Tile
  • Herringbone 
The design choices don't stop there, add color and contrast to your design choice and you've now turned a gray concrete slab into a work of art!

Color and Contrast
Durability and dependability?

Not to worry, NW Creative Resurfacing's concrete resurfacing patterns and colors are unlike paint or stain. The tough acrylic surfaces are oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant.

Our Northwest rains can beat down hard, but your newly resurfaced concrete will hold up and look as good as new year round. Your resurfaced concrete comes with a non-porous, easy-to-maintain coating system. Resealing only takes place every 5 years.

Example of a front porch
concrete resurfacing project
So be the first on the block with a newly resurfaced driveway, front or back porch, pool deck or garage floor. Our team of professionals want to make your home the 'talk of the block'.

Contact us now so we can discuss our array of concrete resurfacing patterns and colors that will enhance your home.

Call us at 1.503.750.4330. Please visit our concrete resurfacing patterns and colors photo gallery.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Resurfacing Worn and Cracked Concrete

How NW Creative Resurfacing can transform your home's concrete surfaces

View our recent video showcasing and demonstrating how NW Creative Resurfacing can enhance and transform your home's concrete surfaces.

Dull, gray and cracked concrete doesn't have to hinder your home's curb appeal. NW Creative Resurfacing can give your existing concrete the look of tile, marble, stone, brick and more, to any concrete surface in and around your home.

We have hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from that can reflect your individual style and taste.

Concrete resurfacing can be half the cost of tearing out your existing concrete slabs. And our work is performed without the demolition and mess! Most projects are completed in one to three days.

If your tired of your drab concrete slabs contact NW Creative Resurfacing today and let us enhance your home or business.

"Don't replace it, Reface it!"

Call us today at 1.503.4330

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garage Floors: Turn your garage into a showroom!

Turn your garage into
a showroom!

The weather is cooling down, the kids are back in school and it's time to put those summertime outdoor toys away. But before you fill up your garage with the R.V., ATVs, or boat, take note of your garage floor.

Is your garage floor asking for more? Garage floors don't have to exist as dull gray slabs. Northwest Creative Resurfacing can add pizazz to your garage floor. 

We can turn your garage floor into a showroom floor! Our tough acrylic resurfaced garage floors are oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant. We offer a variety of unique patterns and colors to choose from. 

We have a variety of unique
patterns and colors to choose from
If your garage is a place where you spend time with the guys turning a wrench, throwing darts or perhaps enjoying a poker game and a cigar, then consider resurfacing your man space. Your garage is a significant part of your home's square footage. And more-often-than-not it's used as a functional place to work on projects or hang with friends when the Northwest rains are pouring down.

A great place to work, socialize
and adds value to your home
So treat yourself and your garage floor to something more. Let the professionals at NW Creative Resurfacing turn your garage floor into a showroom floor. Your garage will become a place your proud to work in, socialize in and it will add value to your home.

Contact NW Creative Resurfacing today and let us resurface your garage floor. Call us at 1.503.750.4330