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NW Creative Resurfacing

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Resurfacing your home's foundation

Concrete Foundation Before Resurfacing
Is your foundation looking bad and bringing down the look of the exterior of your home? Cracks in a home's foundation also provides an entrance for moisture and infestation. Calling in a mason to re-apply a mortar to the foundation can be costly, and only a temporary fix.

Concrete Foundation After Resurfacing
The solution is to call NW Creative Resurfacing to texture and recolor the foundation of the foundation. Resurfacing your concrete foundation is a more permanent, and more cost effective, solution to make the outside of your home more curb appealing. 

Customers are pleased with the results when compared to the cost of calling in a mason. And, concrete foundation resurfacing provides a stunning and decorative finish.

Call NW Creative Resurfacing at (503) 750-4330 to improve your foundation and for all of your concrete resurfacing needs. 

Preview the NW Creative Resurfacing website and view more decorative concrete resurfacing projects.
Concrete Foundation Before Resurfacing
Concrete Foundation After Resurfacing

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is it Time to Resurface Your Garage Floor?

Concrete garage floors can gather ugly oil stains. They can also become cracked and pose a danger to those who walk on it. Or, they can become slippery without the proper coating. But removing and replacing a worn out concrete garage floor takes a lot of time, money and work. So, what can you do about it?

NW Creative Resurfacing can refinish your ugly and dangerous concrete garage floor into a work of art. The process involves diamond grinding the surface of your concrete garage floor and then coating it with your choice of stunning and eco-friendly finishes. Our concrete resurfacing tools create a durable, slip proof, eye-catching garage that will last for years.

Whether your garage is a workspace, play space, or just a place to keep the cars, our goal is to make your garage into a safe and attractive space that you won’t be afraid to show off. If your garage floor is suffering from damages or stains, contact NW Creative Resurfacing for all of your concrete resurfacing needs.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Concrete Pool Decks

Spring is here. And, despite the April showers, summertime is just around the corner. Now is the best time to plan your concrete pool deck resurfacing project.

Hot and slippery pools decks can cause unwanted accidents. NW Creative Resurfacing applies a textured overlay to concrete pool decks. The textured overlay creates a non-slip and safer to walk on concrete pool deck surface.

Visit our online photo gallery to preview all of NW Creative Resurfacing's concrete resurfacing projects.

Watch our latest video featuring our concrete pool deck resurfacing projects.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Waterproofing: Peace of Mind

Water that enters your home through cracks in the concrete can turn to mold.

What's the solution? Concrete waterproofing and sealing. 

Concrete Waterproofing matching drywall on the right
Waterproofing isn't just for basements. Take a look at our recent concrete waterproofing project.

One side of this residential home's hallway is concrete. The other side is drywall. In order for the existing drywall to remain, well...dry, we waterproofed the existing concrete walls that lay opposite.

The concrete walls had moisture that was penetrating through. Water and drywall are a damaging mixture. So, we sealed and waterproofed the concrete wall and hallway.

Now, the concrete floor looks shiny and new. And, the leaky concrete wall matches the existing drywall.

To prevent mold and moisture from entering any living space in your home, have it professionally sealed by NW Creative Resurfacing. We can asses and analyze your living space.

Contact us today for an appointment.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back Patio Resurfacing Project: Brings in extra light to their living space

Our concrete resurfacing projects can turn dull gray slabs into works of art. But not all of our exterior concrete resurfacing projects end up lighting up our client's homes.

Back Patio Resurfacing Project
But, a recent back patio resurfacing project is now lighting up our client's living room. We added a clear coat that makes the back patio surface shine. The reflection of the patio, especially during these dark winter months, brings in additional light to what's typically a darker side of the house.

Here's what our client had to say,

"Adam - the patio looks GREAT!  It really "pops" now and I am quite happy with it. As an aside, as you probably know, given my patio cover and the very tall cedars behind the house, the patio does not get much sun, for the most part.  

Now, in the winter, as the sun moves further south, I do get a lot more sun than in other months.  With the addition of the clear coat, the patio now shines, almost mirror like.  This REALLY reflects into the living room and REALLY lights up!  Cool!  Very cool!  

Thanks for everything"